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Quick Start Guide updated.
IQRF IDE v4.08.


Release notes 25 Jul 2015

  • Added new DCTR transceivers: DCTR-72DA, DCTR-72DAT, DCTR-72DC, DCTR-72DCT, DCTR-76D, DCTR-76DA
  • Added new TR transceivers: TR-72DA, TR-72DAT, TR-72DC, TR-72DCT, TR-76D, TR-76DA
  • Added new w-Mbus transceivers in EAP: TR-72DA(WMB), TR-72DAT(WMB), TR-72DC(WMB), TR-72DCT(WMB), TR-76D(WMB), TR-76DA(WMB)
  • Added new gateways (DCTR-72DA inside): GW-ETH-02A (72D), GW-WIFI-01 (72D), GW-GSM-02A (72D)
  • Added new development sets with DCTR-72DAT: DS-START-04 (72D), DS-DPA-02 (72D)
  • Slight change of ordering codes for gateways - marking for DCTR-52DA module included inside: GW-GSM-02A (52D), GW-WIFI-01 (52D), GW-ETH-02A (52D), GW-ETH-02A (52D), GW-WIFI-01 (52D), GW-GSM-02A (52D)

SPI - Implementation in IQRF TR modules


  • 120919 Updated for IQRF OS v3.02D (Module Info reading added). SPI timing described in more details. Example 3 (Repeated reading after communication failure) added.
  • 120810 - Updated for IQRF OS v3.01D (packet length up to 64 B).
  • 101223 - Updated for IQRF OS v3.00.
  • 100310 - Completely revised. Example added.
  • 090427 - _SPIbusy and _SPIwrite flags not documented. Use getStatusSPI() instead of _SPIbusy.
  • 080516 - First release.

MPUSB Custom device example


  • 6 Feb 2013, v1.02
    • Communication up to 64 user bytes with TR module supported
    • USB_Read_Write routine modified
    • More comments added
    • Project for C++ Builder XE3
  • 8 Aug 2012
    • mpusbapi.dll updated
    • OpenUSB function improved
    • Other minor improvements
    • Project for C++ Builder XE2

Visual Control Panels For integration to your products Displays, touchscreens, wireless
AMPER 2013
26 Feb 2013
New TR-56D the smallest IQRF transceiver.
25 Feb 2012
TR-54D will be available even for 433 MHz.
25 Feb 2013
Preliminary pages for Ethernet gateway GW-ETH-02 and GSM gateway GW-GSM-02.
21 Feb 2013
TRDB-54DA development kit delivered with TRDB-54DA-SL adapter. Product page extended.